Letters from the heart

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UP Card


A poem written by Lissa Anne Gilmore paired with a part of a painting by Nadine Weirich in a 5″ x 7″ card.

COVER: I’ve been down, visited places no one should, listened to half truths, carried burdens that weren’t mine, put up walls, higher and thicker, wandered far, strayed farther, believed the worst. hoped for less, tried to let the enemy’s voice be louder than His, BUT EVEN THEN Love broke through

INSIDE: insistent, persistent, relentless, drawing me out, bringing me back, carrying me close, calling me UP from my was to my will be, building me UP from my fear to my courage, lifting me UP from my ordinary to my extraordinary, my past is past, I’m seizing my now, I’m on my way UP, all because Love showed UP

Printed locally in Traverse City, MI on 100# cover stock that is FSC responsibly sourced.

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