Letters from the heart

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Carry Me Home Card


A poem written by Lissa Anne Gilmore paired with an original JOYFULL photograph in a 5″ x 7″ card.

COVER: From this bed of tears I rise, triumphant, blessed, free, Carry me Home, Lay me down in fields of flowers, meadows green, Lay me down in moonlit garden, stars my canopy, Lay me down on windswept plain, grasses waving, Carry me Home, Lay me down on forest floor, sunlight streaming, Lay me down in ocean’s deep, met by bluest sky, Lay me down on cottage beach, gulls calling, Carry me Home

INSIDE: Lay me down on mountain high, cloud’s embrace, Lay me down on wandering trail, canyon’s edge, Lay me down on mist-covered hill, winds whispering, Carry me Home, Lay me down in quiet of night, hint of dawn, Lay me down on strength of wolves, wings of eagles, Lay me down for final rest, yet new beginning, Carry me Home, Lover of my soul

Printed locally in Traverse City, MI on 100# cover stock that is FSC-responsibly sourced.

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