Letters from the heart

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Joy Card


A poem written by Lissa Anne Gilmore paired with one of her photographs in a 5″ x 7″ card.

COVER: Remember the joy of running in the rain? arms held high, reaching to the sky, head back, eyes closed, mouth laughing, drinking in the deluge, bare feet skimming, never feeling, grass dirt earth, wondering is this what it feels like to fly?

INSIDE: moving ever faster, chasing clouds, chasing light, chasing rainbows, finally tumbling, skin saturated with happiness, wholly present, wonderfully alive, every sense,  awake, to the earth’s electric hum, its thrilling invitation, to join the miracle, share the wonder, live the joy

Printed locally in Traverse City, MI on 100# cover stock that is FSC-responsibly sourced.

When you order 5, you GET ANOTHER ONE FREE!  Select SET 6 for this offer.